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Ben and Bryanna Interview - You'll Never Know Audiobook

Bryanna, Katie, and Ben (from top left to bottom) talk about all things audiobook.


I'm so excited to share with you an interview I did with Ben and Bryanna: the amazing team that put together the You'll Never Know audiobook.

It takes a very specific, impressive skill set to act in or assemble an audiobook and these two are the dream team.

Bryanna and Ben have been the perfect team to bring Rachelle to life.

Rachelle, the protagonist of You'll Never Know, the third book in the Health and Happiness society is a girl after my own heart. Full of depth, emotion, and feeling but still a total hot mess. Srsly tho, Rachelle is going through it. So, I knew I needed someone who could convey her complexities in audiobook format.

Check out the interview we did here:

In this video, we talk about the behind the scenes process from my perspective as an author and from the perspectives of Bryanna, as voice actor, and Ben, as producer.

If you loved this interview as much as I did, check out this behind the scenes post with bloopers and video from the booth.

Let us know down below if there was anything that surprised you or that you want to know more about regarding audiobooks!

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