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Katie Cross Writing Team Interview

Lovesick was frustrating to write, to say the least. Srsly tho, I just about threw my laptop across the room.

The premise, that Lizbeth is so in love with love, easily slipped into unbelievability in the first draft.

Don't worry, though. The version of Lovesick that comes out on Valentine's Day 2021 is worlds better. In part because of the Katie Cross Writing team...


McKenna, Samantha, Kristen, and Katie (top left to right).


These three are, what we call, the OGs. When Lovesick needed some TLC, I went to them to hash out the storyline, and hammer out the characters.

Lovesick is amazing. This team helped me burn down Lizbeth's life and put it back together again.

So, I decided to interview them about what it was like behind the scenes during our spur-of-the-moment zoom calls and flurry of messages.

Check out the interview we did here:

In this video, we talk about how Lovesick came together, what it was like to plot and scheme with me over zoom, and the team editing process we used that we'll probably use forever.

Oh and also how apathetic my husband has gotten to my writer's inclination toward destruction. #justsayin

The OGs and I are absolutely thrilled for you to read Lovesick


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