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Book Review: As You Are by Claire Cain


What do I want to say about this book?

It was so easy to sink into.

Not only is Claire's writing super fresh and bright and evocative, but it’s a clean contemporary romance and it lacks nothing.

There's no lack of sizzle or spice. Doesn’t feel like there's anything missing because there aren't any sex scenes. In fact, the story seems stronger for it. 

(It's also not Christian. There's no emphasis on religion.)

Not only was this a fantastic read with strong writing – Claire is obviously very talented when it comes to natural-feeling prose – but she writes about experiences that real life military wives are experiencing. It's so refreshing to see a dose of reality in the midst of the romance.

I can say that as a milspouse myself. #justsayin

I am so excited to finally see a contemporary romance military series that isn't a thriller. It's actually just a gushy, delightful, happily-ever-after contemporary romance. But that's not to say that it doesn't dive in to real life military problems. Because it does.

We see issues women face when they marry into the military (or the men whose wives are in the military). And Claire Cain navigates them beautifully.

It was a refreshing read and totally worth the time. I sank into it, dove in deep, and stayed up wayyy too late reading it. #sogood

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