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Book Review: Remedial Rocket Science by Susannah Nix


Right from the beginning I loved our protagonist, Melody.

She is refreshingly different. A student at MIT with a good-but-imperfect relationship with her mother who falls for a billionaire socialite.

Srsly tho. How can you not love her?

Honestly, I wasn't sure how Susannah would pull all of these together.

We see honestly how these two people (Melody and Jeremy) struggle in their own messy lives.

There's a lot of fun dynamics between Melody and Jeremy. But what made me just thrilled was that Melody stands strong and powerful on her own. Even though she falls for Jeremy, hard, I love how Suzannah has Melody stand firm on her own ground.

She's very introverted, bookish. She's not against fashion, but she certainly isn't instinctual with it. I feel like there were a lot of ways to relate to Melody and root for her the whole book.

I love seeing women in tech. I love seeing women in science represented. And I just loved the dynamic in this book which wasn't dependent on sheer passion and sex. It's not clean, per se, but neither is it a hot and heavy book. There are some really fantastic, raw, wholesome connecting points between the two of them.

Not to mention the delightful secondary characters! I was totally enamored with Melody's best friend Lacey and her other friend at the yoga club.

I want to shout about this one from the rooftops!

I'm so glad this is only the first in the series...

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