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Hair Cuts are Self-Care

This short text message exchange comes from Bitsy’s novel, HEAR ME ROAR. It’s the fourth book in the Health and Happiness Society series. One of the highlights of this book is the text message conversations that constantly occur between the friends, which is why I wanted to include this cut one here.

There’s no spoilers in this glimpse, although it is quite fun and highlights each persons personality beautifully. If you’ve read BON BONS TO YOGA PANTS, I think this will totally delight you!


New THHS Check In Text Message Thread Opened in WonderFriendApp

Opened by: BITSY

Bitsy: I tried a to get a massage. It failed drastically. Any other suggestions?

Megan: That is the saddest thing I have ever heard. 

Lexie: You are some breed of different, Bitsy. 

Bitsy: Too much touch. I have daughters that climb on me all day. Any other ideas?

Mira: Have you tried the new cinnamon rolls at The Frosting Cottage yet? Rachelle has outdone herself. 

Lexie: Now that is self-care. 

Rachelle: I have outdone myself, I admit. 

Bitsy: Food isn't self-care.


Megan: Agreed, Bits. Agreed.

Mira: Seems like it's time for a good haircut.

Bitsy: I hadn't thought of that one. 

Megan: I suggest highlights. I think a little more color could add some pizazz. 

Bitsy: I'm a Mom that cleans for a living. I don't need any more pizazz. 

Mira: We could ALL use a little more pizazz. 

Rachelle: Except for me. 

Lexie: Rachelle isn't wrong. Bitsy, DO IT! Highlights and color. I want selfies. Before and after. 

Bitsy: Never. 

Lexie: Trust me, Bits. You don't want to take up this fight. 

Bitsy: But I will. Oh, I will. 

Megan: I am literally trembling. Lex, you're on your own. Best of luck, girl power.

Lexie: I am not afraid. Bitsy . . . selfies. Pronto. If you don't make the appointment, I will make one and prepay it for you.

Mira: I want in!

Rachelle: Me too!

Megan: Should we just make the appointment?

Bitsy: Wait, what? NO!

Lexie: We should.

Rachelle: Curl Up and Dye on 7th?

Mira:  I know the owner. I'll give them a call right now.

Lexie: Who doesn't Mira know?

Bitsy: This is out of control! I will not change my hair under peer pressure.

Lexie: Sure you won't.

Rachelle: As if you can stop Mira. 

Mira: Done! Bitsy, you have an appointment next week. Monday. 3:15. I'll pick the girls up from school and bring them to the sewing shop.

Bitsy: I have a house. 

Megan: Sounds like you better reschedule. 

Rachelle: Yeah, Bits. You're getting a haircut.

Lexie: Snip, snip.


I just love these powerhouse women. If you're like me and can't get enough of them, check out more text strings, self-care discussion, and all things Health and Happiness in Hear Me Roar on Amazon.

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