Hear Me Roar - Katie Cross Chick Lit
Hear Me Roar - Katie Cross Chick Lit

Hear Me Roar | The Health and Happiness Society, Book 4

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The Fourth Book in the Health and Happiness Society Series

Bitsy Walker is a woman in control.

She eats 1200 calories a day, prepares three rounded meals on a budget, runs her own cleaning business, and never leaves the house with an unmade bed.

When her ex-husband crashes back into her immaculate world, her daughters fall in love with their father all over again. Rumors of joint custody surface, driving Bitsy to the edge of dieting desperation.

Can she handle losing control without giving into binge eating? Or will losing the battle make everything unravel—even her?

Join Bitsy in her journey through calorie counting, the intricacies of self care, and surrendering control in the fourth book in the Health and Happiness Society Series.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Excellent collection.

didn't get the introduction. With that said, I found the stories in this collection truly wonderful. I love stories about dragons and these are great.I received this book as an ARC for review and am so glad I did.

My Favorite Volume of the HHS Yet

Okay, this has been my favorite volume of the Health and Happiness Society yet… probably because there were a lot of things about Bitsy I totally understood, either on a personal level or through people I really cared about. Being a single mom, getting a divorce, and some of the other related issues that Bitsy went through are things I can relate too. Also learning about self care. I really struggled with that a lot during my life as a mom, single or not. The funny thing is I didn’t like Bitsy that much in the first few books. I totally fell in love with her after hearing her story, however.

You will never regret opening a Katie Cross book! Treat yourself ð

I love all Katie Cross’s chick lit books. I eagerly wait for them to come out. They are page turners from the beginning, very relatable, human and insightful into the human condition. She cleverly uses humor to share wisdom, peacefulness and love. I have recommended her as an author to every reader I know. I highly recommend reading any of her books!


Quick read. I’m emotionally invested into all the characters in this series.


Loved this whole series so much & sad that it had to end. The characters were all likeable and I could relate to each one. Excellent writing.