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I Am Girl Power | The Health and Happiness Society, Book 2

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The Second Book in the Health and Happiness Society Series

Cardiac nurse Megan Bailey has it all. Until she doesn’t.

Thanks to a string of horrible relationships, an unexpected twist in her career, and mounting credit card bills, Megan escapes to Adventura Summer Camp to work as camp chef.

Instead of a relaxing summer in the mountains, she faces a persnickety oven, squirrels in the kitchen, and a host of uncertain staff. With the help of her twin brothers and a quiet, blue-eyed camp ranger named Justin, Megan will have to navigate the treacherous waters of a storm she never expected: her parents' possible divorce.

I Am Girl Power is the second book in the quirky new Health and Happiness Society series. Join Megan as she experiences heartbreak, laughter, and the frightening winds of change.


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Customer Reviews

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Megan is a rockstar!

Katie is phenomenal at creating characters that all women can relate to in one way or another, and Megan is no different. She is a strong a determined woman, but, like all women, she has personal challenges and struggles to overcome too. I am girl power is a mantra I am trying hard to instill in my own daughters.


When I started this series, bon bons to Yoga pants, I expected it to delve more into the health and happiness aspects of losing weight and taking control of your health and happiness. Both books tend to sideline the health part, focus on the junk food that we love, and worry about finding a relationship to make them happy. I was hoping for something more introspective and independent from men with this series. It is a quick read and fun, but doesn't really focus on the health and happiness society. The focus is on the individual away from the society. I disliked Lexie's character so much I this book. She still goes on and on about cupcakes. Cupcakes are what she got rid of to find her happiness. I couldn't really believe she was so focused on the again. The series has been disappointing.

Discovering Yourself

Meg has been treading water barely able to keep her head above water and too busy treading to see how deep she has gotten. Then she is forced to face her reality when she faces yet another relationship failure and job loss. Her brothers offer an outlet to volunteer for a summer at his camp. During her trip home, she must face her own problems and her parents dissolution of their marriage. Meh discovers adulting sucks!

Loved this book

Loved this book! Sweet story about life’s ups and downs! It’s an easy read that keeps you interested and guessing on what will happen next!

Love it, But.... Lot of Romance Build Up With No Real Outcome

Okay, I really, really loved this one. I loved Meghan from the first book, and I really loved having her character fleshed out. I also really dug the whole career woman thing, and how Meghan could do it all herself… basically. Love bad-A heroines. Another big bonus was catching up with the characters from the first book, and OMG yay for Lex! The one thing I didn’t like was that there was a WHOLE lot of suspense around the Meghan/Justin dynamic but nothing really came of it. I hope Meghan has a second book dedicated to her, because I felt that was a LOT of build-up for nothing to come of it. Still so much mystery about Justin, too! Definitely need more details.