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About the Author

I write books to empower women to fall back in love with themselves.


My mission is connect women with their best selves, to seek the divine in each one of us, and to prove that we can love ourselves—and accomplish all—despite opposition.


Why I Write

The first time I thought I wasn’t good enough, I was in second grade. 

My teacher sent us all to the nurses office, where she’d take our weight and then call it out loud. (I cannot, for the love, figure out why this was a thing. It was the 90’s. We should all be forgiving.)

With terror and sweaty palms, I waited for my turn. Thankfully, she asked permission to shout our weight to the rooftops where cruel eight-year-olds would crow it back with delight.

Of course I shook my head no, please don’t utterly embarrass me. She didn’t. Instead, she whispered, “1-0-0,” into my ear. 

My cheeks burned hot with embarrassment. My other friends had been ten or twenty pounds lighter than me, and not mortified. They skipped back to class while I shuffled, my thoughts heavy.

That feeling grew with me through my teenage years, the awkwardness of puberty, and into early adulthood. It took different forms, of course. Instead of a blatant voice in my head that said, “You’re too different, so you can’t fit in. You’re not good enough for them,” my lack of self-approval took different forms.

Intense marathon training.

Food bingeing.

Crying myself to sleep.

Avoiding friendships, because why would I? 

Over time, I started my journey on learning to love myself. Went to counseling, branched out with vulnerable trust to others, and realized that my body was perfect at 180 pounds or 80 pounds. (This is an ongoing lesson, by the way. I have to relearn these all the time.)

So, when I sat down to write my first novel, I knew exactly what story I wanted to share, and what I wanted those books to do once they were in the world.

Every fiction novel should absolutely change us. We should walk away from them a different, better person. They should inspire us to courage, adventure, and power no matter what obstacle we face.

Real lessons with real people facing real things is exactly what I sought in fiction books and had the hardest time finding. Both in Chick Lit and Contemporary Romance.

That’s when I picked up my frightened big girl panties and decided to write the books I wanted to read.

 And these women have changed my life ever since. I hope they change yours.