What Was Lost - Katie Cross Chick Lit

What Was Lost | The Health and Happiness Society, Book 5

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The Fifth Book in the Health and Happiness Society Series

Mira Montgomery is the only one left.

Her brother's unexpected death leaves her tragically alone. No kids. No husband. No family.

Fifty-one years of unrealized dreams crash down on her when a real estate development company threatens the only stability she has left: her store. To make matters worse, her friends in the Health and Happiness Society have more good news than ever before.

Mira is faced with the decision to walk away and start fresh or stay and fall apart.

Can she survive life without the comfort of her friends? Or will she fall farther into her depression than ever?

Join Mira on her new path through old grief, new loss, and the burning importance of gratitude in the fifth and final book in the Health and Happiness Society series.


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Customer Reviews

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Deep, Heartbreaking, and Intense

Wow… Mira’s story is deep, heartbreaking, intense, and so very uplifting at the end. I understand some of what she went through. Having lost my mother, several close friends, and several close family members, I understand grief. To have lost a spouse and children and siblings? I can’t bear to think of what that pain must feel like. And to think I always thought Mira (in the previous four books) to be a giddy, happy, go-getting southern girl. Like Bitsy’s story, Mira’s threw me for quite a loop… and I love the part about the cats! How delightful!!!


This book did not disappoint. I love the whole series and will definitely be reading them all again. They are a real treasure

Stories people can relate to.

Quick read. I’m emotionally invested into all the characters in this series.

It's like being with old friends!

This book series is like calling up your girlfriends. It is a breathe of fresh air. They remind us everybody has something.

Great read!!

Great book!!